Backups are hard. Especially for heavily distributed systems. As we split our apps more and more into micro services, creating backups is no longer a single task nor in a single place. Instead, it involves data from different sources in different locations. Besides the backup process itself, I will talk about the challenge of connecting the dev and the ops and a way to use your backups in your daily routines. All to make sure your data is ready to be restored in case of a disaster scenario.


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I hoped to hear a lot about high-level backup and restore strategies and the difficulties with microservices in this context. Unfortunately this talk was a deep dive in a single backup tool (written in PHP). Although I really like the concept of backup config as code (same as infrastructure as code), I don't believe PHP is the right tool for backup jobs. Nevertheless has Sebastion good presenter skills.

The talk was about a backup tool written in PHP. I expected a bit more general information about backup strategies. Good speaker though!