Come and meet CouchDB, the NoSQL store with magical powers. CouchDB is intended to be very fault-tolerant; it has excellent abilities to reconcile two databases that have been offline from one another for some time even with conflicting changes. This session will discuss the best use-cases for CouchDB and show you how you can use CouchDB from your own applications, including some of the shiny new features in the 2.0 release.

CouchDB uses MapReduce (written in JavaScript) for its views and offers some very powerful options for querying the data it stores. If you’re curious about alternative databases, especially for a large or growing application, then this session is for you.


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Lorna is a very engaging speaker and provides a compelling use case. My biggest comment on this talk in particular is that it needs a later time slot! The content itself was good, but combining couch and pouch in one talk might be too much. For example, we didn't discuss authentication at all.

Erik Roelofs at 11:37 on 3 Jul 2017

This talk made me really excited to starting doing something with CouchDB. As someone who had heard of the fabled "no-sql" style of databases, but who never "got it", this talk really helped make it click. Lorna showed off these exciting pieces of software in an engaging way, very accessible to those new to the technology.

Arnout Boks at 15:26 on 7 Jul 2017

Great talk, packed with loads of useful content. I liked the really clear explanations, good balance between slides and demo's and lively presentation style.