PHP and Golang complement each other in a great way. In this presentation you will first learn how Golang is different from PHP, then we will look at its use-cases with some examples, and finally we explore some important best practices. After this presentation you will know when Golang could be a suitable tool for the job.


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Robert at 19:43 on 1 Jul 2017

Although my collegues were really excited about the talk I'm not thrilled. It was good information in general but I would have liked to see more code of actual production code which shows why Golang can be a better alternative for PHP (or any other language). The speaker was OK but can probably benefit from getting more experience.

This talked seemed to have all the bases covered. It was evident though that the speaker didn't have a lot of experience with Golang yet. Speaking style seemed a little rough.

Erik Booij at 17:15 on 2 Jul 2017

Speaking style could be a little more polished but that might automagically come with experience, wouldn't really worry about that. Contents of the talk were pretty good, given the 45 minutes time limit. After the talk we had some pointers as to where to go from there, but no real concrete examples of why we should try it, or what it's specifically suited for. I would've loved to just see a more in depth walkthrough of a little more extensive piece of code in which all the concepts like the loosely tied interfaces could be explained with a quick side note.

This talk has potential, but needs work.
First, some suggested improvements: The slides contained too many lists and bullet points, that didn't really help my understanding of Go. The transitions between subjects seemed a little rough, and therefore hard to follow. And at some points, a lot of effort was put into an explanation (something the speaker ran into and wanted to warn the audience about) that was basically an edge-case and could just as well have been left out (they won't help a beginner because they won't remember the warning by the time they run into the same case).
That being said, this talk is as advertised: a practical introduction to Golang from the perspective of a PHP developer. Richard has experience from building his own application, which is pretty cool too. And on a more personal note: answering "I don't know" to a question takes guts. I'd like to see Richard speak again.

Martijn at 09:23 on 3 Jul 2017

As mentioned before I believe the talk has potential, but would have loved to see a bit more on the why perspective.

Why is Go in some cases better than PHP.

On the speaker, yes he seemed to be out of his comfort zone, that is not at all bad, but unfortunately it brought the level of the talk a bit down. I think if the speaker had been a bit more at ease the level of the talk would have been a lot better.

Tom den Braber at 09:33 on 3 Jul 2017

Thanks to this talk, I can now imagine a setting in which I would use Golang (concurrency). I liked how you just skipped the basics that everyone already knew from other languages and jumped to the point where Golang starts to differ from PHP.