What if we could evolve our web of individual documents and data to a web of interlinked knowledge, a web where machines can automatically combine data from multiple sources and draw conclusions from it?
The Semantic Web technologies from W3C enable us to make sense of the data wilderness on the web and unlock the full potential of the data treasures hidden in it. In this talk, we will see how RDF enables us to formally describe the meaning of data and how such data can be queried with SPARQL. We will look at how OWL lets us make more expressive statements about the world, so that a computer can logically reason about it and infer new information. We will demonstrate these technologies by showing how they can be used to combine data sets in different formats as if they were one and letting a computer draw logical (and perhaps surprising) conclusions for us.


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Anonymous at 12:35 on 30 Jun 2017

Interesting contents, clear future potencial in thus subject, specially if we combine it with AI.
Energetic, enthusiastic and knowlegable speaker.
Not a great impact on my day to day work as a PHP developer though.

What I found really positive is that the speaker introduced all 'basic' components of the semantic web, accompanied by some easy examples. Some humorous notes made the talk enjoyable to listen to. A small point of improvement could be a real-life example of a situation where using 'Semantic Web'-techniques would be the best thing to do.

The best talk of this covfefe. It's true.

Sjoerd Maessen at 14:47 on 3 Jul 2017

I liked the talk and the content! The speed of subjects was good without leaving essential stuff out, the examples were useful to get the subject along and I especially liked the useful resources linked to take it on from there.

Thijs at 13:32 on 4 Jul 2017

Great intro talk, I think the differentiation between RDF and OWL wasn't all nor complete nor correct.
Perhaps emphasize it is an opinion. Otherwise great talk

Great introduction to the topic and well explained. Would be interesting to see what the semantic web can offer for web applications in a more practical sense.