Don't worry, this is not about the goto keyword.

In this presentation, I am showing you some of the inner workings of PHP. We are going to look at how different language keywords and constructs are handled internally. Basically, everything is converted to goto, but the how and why, is not as simple as it seems!

This is a very in depth talk, mostly interesting to people that want to know how PHP works internally. Expect lots of wonkyness, a form of assembly, and trees.


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Gave a really good explanation to how PHP internally works and will give you starters to dive in deeper yourselve.

Max Roeleveld at 12:44 on 1 Jul 2017

Highly interesting look into the abyss that is the under-the-hood processing that happens in PHP!

Very informative and nice to know how PHP internals works.

Sander Zegveld at 20:34 on 1 Jul 2017

great talk - interesting and entertaining, the highlight of the day

Tom den Braber at 09:14 on 3 Jul 2017

The speaker clearly knows a lot of what he was talking about, which is very nice. The structure of the talk (from lexing to parsing to interpreting) worked very well.