Microservices are one of the hot topics of the last years. When dealing with a large legacy application one might not think about them to refactor your current code. But can microservices save you from a world of pain when attempting to rebuild or improve your old application?
This talk will cover the reason why one would or would not use microservices to tackle legacy in large applications, why refactoring often fails without and how to get started. I will talk about how it usually starts to go wrong and how it can go wrong anyway. But foremost i will try to give anyone who has worked on large, higly coupled, legacy applications another approach to refactoring and rebuilding.


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Funny, informative and practical.

Great talk! Very funny too!!

Peter Meijer at 21:20 on 2 Jul 2017

Good story, lots of energy.


Tim Huijzers at 18:02 on 3 Jul 2017

This is a guy with who I can talk for hours. very familiar material. He just put's the finger on the problems most people have with micro-services and blow's them away in the most dutch directness you can think of.