Serverless applications have a number of benefits and JavaScript is the most common language to write serverless functions in. Why not PHP? In this talk, I will discuss how I implemented first class PHP support into the Apache OpenWhisk platform. I look at how OpenWhisk works, how the PHP supprt is implemented and then walk though an example PHP serverless Slack application.

This talk was presented at the Uncon.


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Gary Hockin at 17:58 on 30 Jun 2017

Really enjoyable, interesting and something I'll definitely look at using.

Marco Pivetta at 12:28 on 2 Jul 2017

Really liked this presentation:

* tool that I didn't know of, and needs more attention
* great explanation of the architectural setup
* from someone that is trying to push PHP into this stack
* *working* live demo

Nice presentation. Definitely main conference material.