There is a lot of talk about Progressive Web Apps at the moment. It is a hot topic in the JavaScript community.

In this talk, we will briefly explore what a PWA is and how to build one. We will look at the benefits of PWA's and more importantly their limitations.

We then look a bit deeper at the technologies behind PWA's such as Service Workers, in particular we will look at the mechanics behind Service Workers, and how they will affect your back-end builds.

Finally, we will look at offline development, the offline first life-cycle and the tools and technologies needed to start building offline applications. Comparing offline storage mechanisms, and their limitations.

This talk is great for anyone building web-based applications, in any language, or anyone wanting to learn more about PWA's and offline development


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Good talk.
Maybe you can talk a little slower, since most listeners are non-native English speakers.

Great talk, lot of nice things that I will absolutely look further into. Some syntax highlighting for the code examples for them to read easier. :)

Loved the talk, really interesting. Good answers to the questions asked

Chris Holland at 11:36 on 8 Jun 2018

Solid overview of PWAs - It gave me ideas to explore.

Sacha de Rosner at 11:51 on 8 Jun 2018

Really good talk, thanks very much Mike. :) You come across as a little nervous, perhaps practice more controlled breathing, using pauses for effect and focus on using “umm” less and it would be awesome. Thanks again though, even as a manager in tech I’m tempted to get my hands dirty and create a simple PWA for fun!

Ian Smith at 11:55 on 8 Jun 2018

Thanks to the speaker, an Interesting introduction to PWA's. I think a stronger example app with code steps would help bring the talk together rather than just examples of how to interact. Looking forward to experimenting with this though.

I think this was a great intro to progressive web apps through service workers.

Content-wise I think it's fine. Maybe add some syntax highlighting for readability.
A full example at the end would be nice as well.

For the speaking part you seemed a bit nervous. Which is fine, nothing can be helped about that.
You breathing was a bit fast, probably due to the nervousness, might be something to look out for next time. As well as using stop words like Uhmmm. But great job! Fine-tune these small things and it will be as close to a 5 * as you can get :)

Useful and interesting.

Nice talk and I learn something new!

Good talk that gave an idea of PWA's/service workers, and the power they can bring to your website.

Speaker was maybe a bit nervous, which was noticeable, in the beginning, but it quickly got better throughout the talk.

J.D.Mutsaerts at 10:47 on 11 Jun 2018

It was interesting, I learned stuffs!

Onno Marsman at 13:16 on 11 Jun 2018

Very interesting.
I'm sold and I learned some new things.