Minecraft, for many, is just a fun game. It's an open world where you break build and combine resources to survive. But there's a deeper level to Minecraft...

It's possible to construct basic circuitry, using some of those resources. Logic gates, timers and clocks are the building blocks of modern technology, and they're possible in Minecraft!

I want to show you how to build them, and the relationship they have to programming. I want you to see how easy it is to teach electronics and programming to children and non-technical folks. I want you to be able to identify similar parallels in systems you use every day.


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Really good and a lot of fun to listen to.

Ian Smith at 16:48 on 8 Jun 2018

Refreshingly different from a lot of talks I've seen over the years, playful, interactive and fun.

Jochem Fuchs at 17:56 on 8 Jun 2018

Loved the talk! I now have more pet projects I want to do in the future then I have time for... but that's ok :)

Henry Snoek at 20:06 on 8 Jun 2018

The most original presentation I've seen in a while. Great way to present an interesting topic.

For anyone who also wants to build their own computer using logic gates:

Niklas Dzösch at 22:23 on 8 Jun 2018

The name Chris Pitt is always a guarantee for an awesome talk. I saw a different version of this talk before an he further improved it. It was entertaining, informative and now I need to play minecraft. 5/7, would watch again.

A R S at 23:47 on 9 Jun 2018

Very entertaining talk, good speaker.

Great and creative talk. The only thing that I would change is the texture pack. Maybe a texture pack with lines for redstone (instead of dust tracks) would make it a little more clear.