Velocity. Sprints. More points, more speed.

An obsession with speed often overtakes the core values of agile software development. It's not just development of software; it's development of working software. Sprints are not about sprinting; they're about sustainable pace. Time to market is less important than time in market. Full-stack development is normally a statement about technology, but it also applies to individuals and interactions. The full stack touches both the code and the world outside the code, and with that view comes responsibility and pause for thought. Doing the wrong thing smarter is not smart. The point of a team is its group intelligence not its numbers. Should you be scaling up? Or is scaling down the real challenge?

The distraction and misuse of speed, velocity, point-based systems, time, team size, scale, etc. is not the accelerant of agile development. Agility lies in experimentation, responsiveness and team intelligence.


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Very informative talk. Really useful within our company

Mike Lehan at 11:44 on 7 Jun 2019

An important talk challenging perceptions of what agile does and should mean for a team. Great presentation style, engaging, challenging and occasionally humorous.

Koen Cornelis at 12:56 on 7 Jun 2019

Interesting from start to finish, with a lot of humor to make it memorable.

Erwin Deckers at 14:07 on 7 Jun 2019

Great talk: informative and entertaining.

Bas at 14:32 on 7 Jun 2019

Very interesting

Good and informative talk. Made me think a lot about the current status of our industry.

Thanks for this. A lot of intresting stuff to take

Very entertaining and mind opening talk!

Matthew Setter at 15:55 on 7 Jun 2019

This is easily one of the best keynotes that I've listened to. It was a relaxed, professional, and polished presentation, and extremely well structured. It had a lot of timeless advice which ties in with my own findings. Very valuable and I got a lot out of it.

James Titcumb at 16:08 on 7 Jun 2019

Very good insight and challenges to assumptions.

Dmytro Liashko at 19:17 on 7 Jun 2019

The talk overall was quite good, easy to listen, also having quite some fun :) The only remark - from my perspective, it seemed like the speaker wanted to discuss too much in limited amount of time. Anyway, this talk raised quite some questions regards to time, estimates and software development in general.

Jos Elstgeest at 19:33 on 7 Jun 2019

Many insightful views in this keynote, eyeopening and entertaining, Thanks!

Joop Lammerts at 21:22 on 7 Jun 2019

Once again a great keynote by Kevlin. I liked the build of the talk. From what we are doing to why it's wrong and that we know that for so long. Towards how we can do it better maybe. Because we are still learning.

Gert de Pagter at 22:21 on 7 Jun 2019

Informative and funny

Tom de Wit at 23:59 on 7 Jun 2019

- Lots of laughter
- Plenty of serious mixed in
- Very relatable

What an awesome talk. I smiled from start to finish because of the humour whilst delivering a serious talk. Very, very well done.

Every CEO and CTO should watch this!

Dennis C. at 10:05 on 8 Jun 2019

I really enjoyed the given examples and humor used to convey the messages

Boy Baukema at 11:11 on 8 Jun 2019

Brilliant as ever. Felt a bit rushed at the end but even that was expertly done.

David Park at 13:11 on 8 Jun 2019


Brilliant, insightful and fun keynote. Well done!

Great delivery and content. I learned that we still have a lot knowledge lost in historic documents which we do not know.

Very well presented and structured

Great talk with lots of inspiring thoughts. Perfect opening keynote!

Jan Bouma at 20:03 on 8 Jun 2019

Really loved this keynote! I like the way Henney related facts and humor. Equasions from Physics (v=s/t and F=ma) adopted to processes in Agile teams, with loads of humor but a very serious and layered undertone. Good fun and great learnings.

Arnout Boks at 22:33 on 8 Jun 2019

Contained everything a keynote needs: humor, anecdotes, a connection between people and technology and lots of things to think about.

Roel Bakker at 08:39 on 9 Jun 2019

Great talk! Really touched a lot of misconceptions with agile methodologies

Erik de Bos at 09:03 on 9 Jun 2019

Brilliant talk. Inspired me to speak at the unconf

Alwin Drenth at 12:39 on 9 Jun 2019

Very nice talk and a lot of humour!

Bohuslav Simek at 14:20 on 9 Jun 2019

Wow, probably the best keynote, that I ever heard. It had the depth, it was dynamic, informative and funny...
What more could you want?

Bart Deurloo at 14:25 on 9 Jun 2019

Very informative keynote. Having read Kevin's book and his talking pattern, this is yet another very inspiring talk.


Tim Huijzers at 22:52 on 9 Jun 2019

I doesn't really matter what Kevlin is talking about, He will make something great out of it.

Great talk from a great speaker, reminding us to take a step back from our conventional wisdom and re-evaluate what we think we know.

wal fhi at 11:17 on 10 Jun 2019

great talk.
Thank you for sharing knowledge

Bart V at 19:22 on 10 Jun 2019

Loved it!

Interesting and informative talk!

De Fix at 10:49 on 11 Jun 2019

The talk was very informative and entertaining

Gary Hockin at 10:55 on 11 Jun 2019

Very enjoyable content brilliantly delivered.

Informative, entertaining and inspirational

Bas at 12:00 on 11 Jun 2019

This will help me to be more clear to stakeholders and management why we take so many time for testing, reviewing our code and our development processes.

Ronald D. at 14:49 on 11 Jun 2019

Good talk, perfect for the opening keynote!