Legacy code is code that makes money, as they saying goes. But we have an opportunity to refactor when tickets and feature requests come in. How are we going to make sure we don't break things?

Using a test first approach we will turn this dumb data container into a rich and meaningful domain model. This gives us the confidence to tackle new challenges, without fear of regression. We will create a safe path forward guided by test driven development and new feature requests only. If you know a bit about tests but don't know how to get started in your own code base, then this is the talk for you.


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Jos Elstgeest at 19:28 on 7 Jun 2019

Liked the interactiveness of the talk, bit short on time, but very well brought.

Tom de Wit at 00:07 on 8 Jun 2019

I couldn’t really appreciate the 100% live coding and it looked very unprepared. There was no clear direction in the talk. Even though it was interactive I couldn’t help but feel a tad disappointed in that I didn’t learn anything new in the domain of refactoring.

David Park at 13:20 on 8 Jun 2019

Very good talk, a little to short on time

I enjoyed the interactivity. Great stage presence.
I also learned something about static functions vs value objects. Tuesday (Monday is a holiday) I will immediately apply a refactor!


An active participation was required, which was great, considering the nature of talks at a conference : sitting still, listening and rince and repeat. This was a welcome change of pace.
As an ex student of the author, even I learned some stuff (or rather : re-learned).
No nonsense talk, not driving around the bush or cutting corners. Just the right pacing.


Sadly, time constraints meant it could not be finished (but then again, you mentioned it would most certainly be not finished).
It did not engage the whole audience, which was also to be expected. A shame nonetheless.

Nice handson on how to refactor. The discussion showed there are multiple ways to do the refactoring.
@Pim can you link or upload a 'finished' version to this page?

Rob Smeets at 17:03 on 11 Jun 2019

Entertaining talk.
Regrettably we didn't finish the refactor, maybe Pim can speed up the process in the future.

The idea with live coding was nice, but I had the feeling it was a little bit random refactoring without a real focus or end. I feel that Pim is a good presenter but I suspect something else for this talk.