Of course you test your code... you may even use test driven development. But do those tests really add value ? Are your tests actually testing your code ? Or are they just there to satisfy the CI process ?

In this talk Juliette will focus on all the things she's learned in years of writing and reviewing tests, the pitfalls she fell into, and the tips and tricks she learned along the way.


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Good explanation and examples.

Gene Surov at 13:39 on 26 Jun 2020

Awesome talk Juliette! Missed you much!

This talk was marked as intermediate, but it was more of a PHPUnit 101. It would have been great to have actual tips and tricks for people who have been writing tests with PHPUnit.
If it was marked as beginner, then it was een nice talk and could help a beginner.

Very clear English. And some nice tips, that I didn't know of.
There was some crackling noises, but I dont know if that was a problem at my end or a problem with the talk.
Maybe I though it would get a little more diffecult, but still very good talk.

Good talk, some nice tips there.

Bas at 13:59 on 26 Jun 2020

Nice, even learned some new stuff.

FYI: you can make your tests future version prove by adding the :void return type hint right now.

public static function setUpBeforeClass(): void {}

Arjan Kleene at 13:59 on 26 Jun 2020

Great talk, and even for me some new information.

The tips and tricks all seem pretty important and handy to me.

While I'm a beginner at the field and I cannot evaluate them from a veteran standpoint I would guess revealing some hard-fought hands-on insights is not suitable for a conference, since the speaker is doing that professionally and for a living (if I get it right :) ).

The talk was smooth, definitely it has seen a lot of iterations over time and is well polished. The speaker did excellent job of keeping uptempo the whole time and I do appreciate her sense of humor :)

Thanks a lot.

Ekin H. Bayar at 14:13 on 26 Jun 2020

Nice set of tips and tricks! The talk was suitable and would give handy pointers to anyone working with unit tests in PHP. Thanks a lot for your time!

Really good talk, very informative, clear and well presented

learned a lot of "small things" about writing tests with phpunit, thx!

Mike Lehan at 14:46 on 26 Jun 2020

A solid talk covering a lot of the basics and some intermediate concepts about PHP Unit. Very well delivered and easy to understand. A nice touch mentioning how annotations might change in the future (given PHP 8 native support). I'd have been interested to see more exploration of testing tests via mutation testing - certainly one of the most interesting advances in testing and super important given a lot of the comments about how code coverage, even at 100%, doesn't guarantee your tests are worth something.

It was a good talk with a nice combination of refreshing existing knowledge and receiving new knowledge.

The talk was a clear way where the time flies.

Decent talk. For me it was more of a recap on what PHPunit offers than there was anything new. But good to have that recap still.

Excellent! Nice tips, greatly presented - right to the point, appreciated!

Good presentation. A good primer on PHPUnit for devs that are not familiar with PHPUnit.

I bit disappointed by the tips, they were great but I was thinking something more advanced ...


Thank you! It was great!

Koen Cornelis at 16:16 on 26 Jun 2020

Loved the talk, good tips and tricks. Some of which i knew (but don't always use), some of which were new. Code examples were clear & delivery great.

Useful tips & tricks, I really enjoyed the talk.

Talk was more aimed for starters I guess, which is awesome BTW. A lot of people think that most of the devs are writing tests already, but I know a lot of devs that don't do it, so thanks for making it easier for those devs to get a bit more kickstarted! Really clear tips and tricks. Thanks a lot!

Alberto Arena at 10:21 on 28 Jun 2020

Thanks, useful

Timo Schinkel at 13:48 on 29 Jun 2020

Great hands-on examples and clear explanations. A bit too basic to be indicated as intermediate for my taste.