PHP has its own treasure chest of classic mistakes that surprises even the most seasoned expert : code that dies just by changing its namespace, strpos() that fails to find strings or arrays that changes without touching them.
Do that get on your nerves too ? Let’s make a list of them, so we can always teach them to the new guys, spot them during code reviews and kick them out of our code once and for all. Come on, you’re not frightening us !


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Some great tips about real core PHP stuff.
A few I did not know about.
He talks a bit fast some time, so I had to concentrate to really understand the talk, but it was not annoying.
Especially the order and loop chapters was quit insightful. Interesting how some code structure will use more memory then others.
The thing I missed where actual live examples running in a prompt. Maybe even a movie of a prompt running PHP code for all the examples would make the presentation more interesting.

bit hard to follow sometimes, but overall good talk with some nice tips.

Gene Surov at 14:53 on 26 Jun 2020

Great talk! I think there was one mistake though in an example with the string concatenation in the loop to collect all the lists: they need to be concatenated with a separator. Also it needs there to have a check whether current element is empty to skip it.

Good talk, had some tips i will be using.

Should better manage the time he has and what he wants to explain. Practice more beforehand or make shorter presentations so you can fit in what you want to talk about

Knows his stuff! Proper presentation, though a little too long for the time allotted. Perhaps trim the presentation to match the time to avoid the scrolling looking for the most integrating bits?

Excellent, I know about many of these classic mistakes but I've learned many new ones also! Liked the presentation - it had enough technical details and information about internal PHP workings and in the same time all examples was easy to understand.

Some tips where very useful.
But the talk feels a little chaotic and that result in that I found it difficult to follow.
I suspect that the slides are useful as a reference to the traps so I’m looking forward to re read them.

Thank you for the great talk. I didn't know the str_contains by PHP8. I will definitely use it!

Some useful tips, but the presentation was a bit messy. Slides were not really aligned with the content provided by the speaker.

Mike Lehan at 15:36 on 26 Jun 2020

I enjoy talks that expose gotchas in the language, although I've seen a fair few and always assume I'll know most of the points. This talk delved up a few items I'd not encountered before and not only that but they had real impact to performance, e.g. array_merge, or security.

Bas at 16:51 on 26 Jun 2020

I think the talk was a bit messy. Some of the examples should be common knowledge, some of them are quit interesting.

Damien Seguy (Speaker) at 19:11 on 9 Jul 2020

Here are the slides of the TOP 10 classic trips, including the one that we skimmed, and the actual top 10 at the end of the slides.