Thursday 25th October 2018

Keynote by Tracy Osborn in Business (50 minutes)

Tracy Osborn is the author, designer, and self-publisher of three books and the solo founder of a venture-backed startup. Each of these achievements has something in common — being completely clueless about the work and problems involved in each. In this keynote, Tracy will tell stories about how she launched her projects and what she learned (after already being neck-deep.)

ExpressionEngine and UX, What was I thinking?
Talk by James Mathias in Business (50 minutes)

A presentation of UX beliefs, policies and practices for ExpressionEngine. The CCO of EllisLab shares his thought process, belief system, and implementation best practices for his approach and implementation of UX/UI design for both EllisLab and ExpressionEngine.

Growth Driven Design: A retainer-based web design model that will transform your agency
Talk by Luke Summerfield in Business (50 minutes)

What if I told you there is a better approach to website design that not only produces better client results, but allows helps your agency grow by flipping to a retainer-based web design model? Find out what over 1000 agencies in 56 counties have discovered: Growth-Driven Design! We will be challenging the assumptions of the traditional web design and walking through the new playbook of Growth-Driven Design. Move away from project-based websites, show clients better results and transform your agency through a smarter web design process. - Your agency cannot afford to miss this.

The Evolution of Hosting and What’s Next in Cloud Architecture
Talk by Josh Ward in Dev (50 minutes)

VP of Sales at Nexcess.net, Josh Ward, will talk on the evolution of hosting and how the first iteration of cloud still leaves something to be desired. Josh will cover the difficulties of replicating production environments for development and how your focus should be on service, not server.

ExpressionEngine Templating Strategy & Architecture for Highly Efficient Sites
Talk by Pedro Guimaraes in Dev (50 minutes)

Use ExpressionEngine’s powerful templating features to develop highly efficient, and maintainable ExpressionEngine websites. Create a strategy to stay DRY, and enable new features to be added to the website without making major changes to the existing codebase. The session will cover best practices for delivering the same content to different platforms—from regular Web Pages to Structured Data, and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Run your project like a Project Manager
Talk by Patrice Embry in Business (50 minutes)

In the session, we will talk about how PMs handle complex digital projects, and the tips and tricks we use to keep projects on track. I’ll discuss how to handle scope creep by firmly establishing scopes upfront (and how to reinforce scope throughout the project), how to recognize risk (and give examples of typical risks that people may not think of), and how to handle client issues like delays and indecision (and how to do so without damaging the client relationship). Participants will leave the session with actionable, helpful tools that they can put into practice immediately to keep their projects in scope, on time, and within budget, all with proven PM practices.