Elasticsearch, all the cool kids talks about it, tutorials for beginners are plenty, but what about beyond the first install and putting your first document in? This talk will give you an insight on the steps that come next: a dive into analysers, performance for percolation and the gold nuggets for the cluster infrastructure.

This is our experience with Elasticsearch in a 2.4 billion (yes, that would be nine zeroes indeed) page view environment with over 22 million documents. We're not the experts but we can tell you a hell of a lot about our mistakes.

Basic knowledge on Elasticsearch is assumed so if you don't have any yet, read up a bit.


This talk is given by Jordy Moos and Frank Koornstra. Both work at PB Web Media in Haarlem. There they work on high traffic websites with technologies like Elasticsearch, Couchbase, Hadoop and of course good old Symfony.

Jordy is a crack at combining concepts from different languages, losing his dog in Fallout 4 and generally talking without a filter, it should be a hoot! Frank (@frankkoornstra) is there to prevent that not-filter thing from happening and... yeah that's basically it :-) It's going to be fun!


- 19.00 Welcome
- 19.30 Elasticsearch (beyond the basics)
- 20.30 Socials and closing