Talk comments

While I doubt that presented approach has any future, the idea is so fresh and exciting! Talks like that actually add some bright colors to the conference.

I like the lessons-learned talks, especially when speaker has some considerable experience to share. And that was it - David is a good presenter with quite some knowledge from Foursquare.

Nice talk, although I'd like to listen for something more technical, your easy-going presentation style is appreciated

Good overview of Python async capabilities, theory + live demo = well done

Enjoyed the "story" behind {json:api} and how it came to be. Excellent analogy to spoken language and why it would be nice to have a common "api language" and not have to relearn the details for each api integration.

Great overview of the top api doc tools/frameworks. Did not know about RAML. Looks interesting.

Nice intro to the "framwork" backed by in-depth knowledge of the project!

Highly entertaining talk that used audience participation to highlight the necessity for testing followed by a brief overview of some options for testing tools.
Good hight level overview and that is fine if that is the goal of the talk.
I wish it had had a bit more depth on the actual testing and the inevitable problems encountered in various scenarios.