Talk comments

very entertaining (yay, team left won \o/), not sure what it had to do with eZ specifically ^^

important topic (especially as an alternative approach following the promo tour ^^), but I think the talk was too jam-packed with technical details. better leave out some of that (but dont throw away the slides, in case somebody asks specific questions), and tell more inspiring tales from your personal experience with the tools. ;)

I didn't know the migrations bundle had that many features

those were some really interesting and useful examples

Unfortunately, this was only a last minute change in the schedule. Would have been much better on the first day, as I believe many questions that could have been asked only came up in people's minds shortly after the session.

Very nice and interactive presentation.10/10 Will come again

Jérôme Vieilledent at 09:57 on 6 Oct 2016