47 attended
Hosts: Claire Bonachera, AFUP, Olivier Mansour
Event Website: www.afup.org/pages/forumphp2013/appel-a-conferenciers-en.php

Call for Papers: Closed.

AFUP (Association of French PHP Users) is pleased to announce that the
2013 edition will be held on november 21th and 22th in Paris.

For this edition, this following themes will be highlighted: open
source PHP solutions for my project / web giants / innovation with PHP
/ experience feedback .

Are you expert for one of those specific PHP related domains? Did you
deploy one or several PHP applications (CMS, e-commerce, CRM, EDMS) in
a particular context (heavy load, famous customer, innovating
project)? Are you taking part in an Open Source project? Come and
share your experience!

Speeches organization

The Forum is mainly constituted by conferences and workshops
throughout the two days, possibly completed by other informal

Conferences should last 45 minutes, followed by a Q&A session.

Workshops take place in smaller rooms to offer more interaction. It
should last up to 2 hours.

Selection process

Proposals will be reviewed after the deadline has passed. Additional
information may be asked where needed. Proposals will be chosen
according to their layout, relevancy for a professional audience and
the overall homegeneity of the forum. Every candidate will be
personnally notified of the status of their proposal. The decision is