London Gophers - formally known as the Go London User Group or GLUG - is a monthly meetup in central London focused on the Go programming language, attracting 150-300 people every month.

Wednesday 17th April 2019

19:00 How to write a HTTP server from scratch in Go
Talk by Apurva Chitnis (30 minutes)

In this talk, Apu will demystify some of the magic that surrounds networking by creating a HTTP server from scratch in Go. You'll learn some networking fundamentals, visit the highlights of the HTTP spec, and leave with an appreciation of Go's excellent net/http package. Apu:

gopls + vim = govim
Talk by Paul Jolly (10 minutes)

Want all the nice features of VSCode but in Vim8? gopls is the new Go language server that drives VSCode and Atom. In this talk we look at a new Vim8 plugin that is also backed by gopls.

Contexts in Context
Talk by Matt Heath (30 minutes)

The context type allows deadlines, cancelation signals, and other request-scoped values, to propagate through request chains and across API boundaries, but in practice how can these features be used? In this talk Matt will talk about how Monzo use the humble context to power a variety of features in their Go based microservice platform.