London Gophers - formally known as the Go London User Group or GLUG - is a monthly meetup in central London focused on the Go programming language, attracting 150-300 people every month.

Wednesday 17th July 2019

Pacman from scratch
Talk by Daniela Petruzalek (30 minutes)

In this talk you will learn how to code Pac Man clone that runs on the terminal, with emojis! This talk is not just about the game, but to present a tutorial that can be used self-paced or as a workshop, to teach yourself and others the basics of the Go programming language. If you are either interested in Go, or game programming, or both, this tutorial is a nice and fun way to learn new things.

Semantic versioning - what Go programmers need to know
Talk by Nick Wells (15 minutes)

In this talk, Nick will discuss the semantic versioning spec and how it relates to Go modules. I'll also discuss some of the trickier questions about deciding on what the version number should be

Go: An Origin Story
Talk by Beth Anderson (30 minutes)

In this talk we'll see Go’s origin story and why it developed the super-powers it now possesses. We’ll go through where Go comes from, the ideas that formed Go, what Go became, and we’ll look at some code which shows the ideas in action.