London Gophers - formally known as the Go London User Group or GLUG - is a monthly meetup in central London focused on the Go programming language, attracting 150-300 people every month.

Wednesday 19th June 2019

Securing web apps with modern platform features
Talk by Roberto Clapis (30 minutes)

Security becomes harder to get right as the web platform becomes more complex and widely used. This talk will walk through some changes that have been made to browsers to help developers protect their users. Code samples and easy instructions will be provided to empower attendees to upgrade their apps security in no time.

Is random random enough?
Talk by Gargi Sharma (10 minutes)

In this talk we will analyse the if the iteration in a map is random enough. We will also investigate all the map implementations from before Go 1.0 and talk about Hyrum's law!

Go Modules at scale - (attempted) migrations & lessons learned
Talk by Duco van Amstel (30 minutes)

Go Modules made their debut in Go 1.11 and are on their way to be come the default dependency management system in 1.14 with the deprecation of GOPATH. After a (very) brief reminder of what Go Modules are this talk will relate the (ongoing) migration of some projects towards them. We'll explore what happens when you have a larger number of dependencies and extract the practical considerations to keep in mind when managing your own project in the era of Go Modules.