London Gophers - formally known as the Go London User Group or GLUG - is a monthly meetup in central London focused on the Go programming language, attracting 150-300 people every month.

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Going from 0 to 1 in Parallel test Execution
Talk by Eleni Fragkiadaki (30 minutes)

In this talk, we are going to go from 0 to 1 in running automated tests in parallel using the Go standard testing package and why we might want to do that. We will cover setting up automated tests, using table tests and subtests, see how to run our tests in parallel along with some handy tips.

Managing Groups of Goroutines
Talk by Michal Bock (15 minutes)

In this talk Michal will describe the types and patterns used in go to manage groups of concurrent goroutines that he using daily. Starting with the built in wait group, working all the up to error group and beyond.

Experience porting Jsonnet from C++ to Go
Talk by Dave Cunningham (30 minutes)

How and why we ported Jsonnet from C++ to Go, what were the challenges and benefits.