Event Website:

Your site works as a train. It is perfect and it works for your main audience until your boss shows up at your desk and wants you to make some "small" changes in order to launch the site in Saudi Arabia. Suddenly, hell breaks loose: you realize that your perfect working site doesn't offer proper UTF-8 support, and neither does it support proper date or currency formatting. As a child, your mother never informed you that there are people out there with names such as "Bølla Cañiupán" (or even no names). Even worse: 5 years ago nobody thought that the site would be that successful so nobody cared to even include basic translation support. Suddenly your site becomes a derailing train before you even notice it. Our next stop? Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Internationalization.

Camilo Sperberg

Camilo started developing professionaly in PHP in 1996, while he was living in the distant land of Chili. After a few years of studying and developing the basics, he decided to turn pro and prepared himself to become a Zend Certified Engineer, certificate he achieved in april 2011.
After a while, he moved back to his homeland and became more and more involved into the open source community until the year 2013, where he began giving talks in order to share everything he had learned and accomplished in the past few years.