We all want to start 2015 with the right foot. We definitely hope its a year where PHP will continue to grow rapidly in Belgium like it has been over the past few years. How does Hasselt fit in that? For starters, its been all over the news regarding the opening of the Sparkcentral offices in the beautiful Corda Campus. We also know Mobile Vikings started here, among other great companies. So there's definitely a lot of potential, and we can't wait to see our small city flood with excellent PHP developers and new ideas!

So what a better way to start 2015 than by being part of the *first* Hasselt PHP Meetup?

So far 21 people announced their coming, RSVP before we're fully booked!

* 7:30pm - Social, drinks & sandwiches.
* 8:00pm - Michelangelo van Dam: "Easily extend your existing PHP app with an API"
* Social, drinks & sandwiches.
* 9:30pm - Possibly a second talk, TBD (contact us if you're interested).