This months talk is by Djurre de Boer @ Dekker Creative Media in Leeuwarden.


HHVM and Hack are products from Facebook, HHVM is their internal PHP interpreter and Hack is their enhanced PHP version. Because Facebook could not rewrite their code base to an other language, they had to create their own interpreter to get better performance from their code and thereby saving a lot of money.

Currently the HHVM supports almost all big open-source php codebases and they are pushing the newest innovations with Hack.

Some of the topics:

- Type annotations
- Generics
- Nullables
- Collections
- Lambdas
- Async
- How development works with HHVM
- converting existing codebases
- comparison with PHP7

Djurre de Boer is a student and co-owner/ lead-developer of the company Almanapp. The company is developing mobile apps for student societies.