A cloudy blue-sky Brainstorm


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a little bit confusing (slides), but so true

Well done!
You just got a bit out of time, but you got it the right way :)

I think the key, for we as web developers, is "shifting from the server to the service end-points". Had to think more and more on it.

About the slides I'm sure you can do something better :)

The speaker totaly lost my attention during the keynote.

The demo part was the most interesting part of the talk. I could not put it into context with the rest though.

I'd vote against marketing driven talks on the IPC.

Anonymous at 12:16 on 12 Oct 2011

I had problems with understanding the speaker and following the whole talk. Maybe the content of the talk did not catch my attention as well. The confusing slides made it really difficult to follow and catch a structure for this talk.

Speaker was hardly to understand and (also) totally lost me after 10 minutes. Sorry.

(I must admit, cloud is not my topic - for that reason, I can not say whether it has been good or not)

There was nothing but cloudiness in this talk, no structure, I was unable to follow.