Advanced OO Patterns


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Very informative, very interesting and overall one had the feeling that the speaker really does know what he is talking about! Thanks a lot! :)

Good talk, even if I wouldn't agree on every topic. Was not 100% clear why the promoted pattern were so much better than the rest

Great talk, about the state of the art design patterns. Good examples which help to understood the some times complicated implementation of dependency injection.
I'm lad to her more like this.

Good speeker, but nothing new in the talk for me.

Anonymous at 12:11 on 12 Oct 2011

One of the best technical-centric-talks at this conference I've heard. This is 1/1/1/1 (look at evaulation).

Allthough for some people dependency injection maybe not something new, but for me it helps a lot to wrap up everything again and have a closer look at the implemenation of one container.

Style/Slides and Content fit perfectly together.

Thank you very much

The good things is, the speaker seems to be very capable for this pretty tough topic. Very good so far.

But, if the speaker talks like a machine gun about 4-5 issues and then finished 15 minutes to early, he maybe should consider to reduce the amount and slow down a bit to focus more on each issue (even if the session is called 'advanced...').
Of course ... the speaker saved time, 'cause there haven't been any question durring or after the session. Maybe it's because he lost some of the audience in detail!?
(SOLID talk was much better)

And by the way, if there's a statement like "Don't use Singelton, just don't do that", explain why with one or two sentences and don't leave it as a dogma! Even if you feel like a broken record ;)

Thanks for your feedback! I was quite eager to get the talk through in time, even though I had a lot of slides. That actually resulted in the hurry and the "machine gun" style. Will take for that next time, promised! :)