How the Web Evolves with Hypermedia


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best referee I have heard so far at the ipc11; his humor holds the people to the could have been boring theme of hypermedia and REST;

Great Keynote. Possibly the best on the IPC. Never attended one where the speaker changed his slides in the keynote to make it more appropriate :)

Besides conent, sharks and lasers: Impressed about the way he made use of his presentation slides

Great keynote, great presentation - humorous and competent!

...I just need a shark with lasers attached to his head ;)

simply great, i want a laser equipped shark now

simply great, i want a laser equipped shark now

Amazing Keynote. Great, but appropriate usage of animations and other graphical gimmicks.
Many good jokes, thus pretty entertaining, but still educational.

Most likely the best keynote/talk I've seen so far.

The speaker is absolutely "keynote ready". The style of the talk is as well.

IMHO the subject was not so much suitable for a keynote.

best talk i've ever seen! pretty funny and humorous and also quiet informative/educational. this keynote was awesome stuff, too ;)

Absolutely brilliant!
Funny and introducing very good principles. Thank you! :)

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Jörg: should the topic have been a little less technical you mean?

Best keynote I've *ever* attended. Congratz.

Best keynote/session so far at #ipc11

During keynote I've thought it was a little bit too technical (just a little!), but maybe it was just because we're used to attend more generic ones.

All in all we ara at #ipc so some technical considerations are allowed.

The best keynote ever that I followed in a PHP conference!

Nothing more to say. Great and always entertaining keynote! Thanks for that much laughing after all that food at lunch ;)

very nice and entertainig keynote.

Anonymous at 11:45 on 12 Oct 2011

You did a really great job, with this keynote. It was so good, that i moved my plans and heard the technical talk from you afterwards.

I really liked the style, speed and expressiveness. Go on like that, this is the right way in my oppinion

+ schön verpacktes, massentaugliches und spritziges Entertainment - genau richig für eine Keynote!
+ rethorisch auf absolut hohem Niveau

sehr gut vorgetragen und sehr kurzweilig.
am besten war: google-search: > facebook login *ROFLMAO*