jQuery is one of the most used JavaScript frameworks. It provides almost every feature a modern framework should give you (e.g. like easy extendability). This talk will not be about these obvious features, but it reaches out for the not so exposed features. It give you a detail tour of how to use these features and why they might be handy.


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Rated 4

Anonymous at 10:55 on 10 Oct 2011

Quite interesting talk with some new gadgets we didn't know. The speaker was good to understand and the presentation was fluent.

Thank you very much

Thanks a lot for the interesting and in depth talk about jQuery - I liked it a lot

Fundierte und nützliche Informationen gut rübergebracht. Danke : ]

Guter Talk, nette neue Tools in jQuery kennengelernt.

paar neue sachen und tools kennengelernt - aber doch etwas mehr erhoft.

Although I knew most of the features there were some great knew topics which were well presented. The only thing Bastian (and many more speakers with "general" topics like these) can make better - prepare for some more topics and ask the audience what they want to hear about.

hi Lars,
I already had this idea in an earlier iteration of this talk. There were much more secrets a year ago ;)
Unfortunately even after app. 5 minutes the audience could not agree on a set of topics; actually they did want to hear something about every topic. So I decided to define the topics myself and have at least 5 more Minutes to talk.

Nevertheless thanks for the positive feedback.

Rated 5

Anonymous at 10:00 on 25 Oct 2011

Super Talk - viele interessante Themen gut rüber gebracht!