Make your project SOLID!


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They make us remember to fundamental principles, we should use all day. They explain them very good by using code. The dialog-style of the talk is very good and it makes it easier to follow. Real pros deserve high marks.

great talk, good examples

Very nice talk, showing simple code to understand the problematics.

I liked it a lot - clearly explained, good code examples. top!

Very good to motivate developers to think twice, but code once.

Anonymous at 11:57 on 12 Oct 2011

Best Examples + Example Code yet on whole IPC
Best Format of talk (dialog form)
Lots of compressed informations in the morning, but everything was well understandable (allthough it was early in the morning).

I don't think that we we're to tired to ask questions, everything was just clear as a christal ball.

Thank you very much

No comments required for this talk.

Helpful and inspiring! Those two really are PHPopstars! If the company I work for could afford it I'd hire them to check our work ;-)

Good demo project to understand the problem(s) and at last the talk.