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Finally got some live info. Maybe using a remote would attribute to the performance.
Serious stuff was presented in a way i liked.
That one needs a workshop format asap to get more devs up to speed And in the contribution mode.
Totally liked it. Serious cms in php has a future ;)

Very fast paced talk about the state of the CMF

Very fast paced talk about the state of the CMF

Very informative overview of the progress in the CMF project. I'm looking forward to see in in action. It seems that the project contributors are doing a good job to build a high quality framework.

Very good speaker and presentation.

Anonymous at 09:48 on 3 Jun 2011

Interessting talk.

I like that kind of talks, only essential information on the slides, focus on the important facts.

@cdamian: sorry if i went too fast, should have reminded everyone to ask questions during the talk to slow me down. btw .. you commented/rated twice.

@root: i am actually very glad to hear that. i always feel like i fail the audience since these days so many slide decks focus a lot on entertainment value, which i am not so keen on delivering.