Accessibility is often the 'last mile' of web development. If the client won't pay for it and there's not enough time to squeeze it in, it probably won't get done. Even when accessibility is included in a project, it can sometimes feel like a box-ticking exercise. It doesn’t have to be that way!

In this talk, you’ll learn about the disabilities that affect how people can use the web, and the key building block needed for an accessible website. James will also introduce some tools and approaches for quick and effective accessibility testing. Finally, James will provide some business justifications and real-world context to help you advocate accessibility to colleagues and client stakeholders.


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Grace Zarczynska at 14:28 on 9 Dec 2016

Great talk on accessibility!

Sweta Pandey at 15:59 on 9 Dec 2016

Nice and informative talk.

Max Baldanza at 10:08 on 12 Dec 2016

Great talk with some good examples and a good introduction in to the tools that can be used

James Halsall at 15:35 on 12 Dec 2016

Great introduction to accessibility testing, James presented the information very well