We'll talk about how using Continuous Pipe to host the development environment affects three metrics - time to onboard a developer, downtime per month and page refresh time - and how this helps our developers have an environment that's a delight to use.


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Inviqa UK at 16:07 on 9 Dec 2016


Edward Chen at 16:36 on 9 Dec 2016

Great talk, looking forward to trying out CP remote!

Paal Soberg at 10:40 on 12 Dec 2016

Really enjoyed the talk and seeing where we've got to after last the work some of the guys has put in over the last few months!

Liviu at 11:22 on 12 Dec 2016

Amazing talk! It's very inspirational and exciting to witness how Tony delivers a talk.
I really appreciated:
- the data driven approach
- his excitement when delivering the talk
- his ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms
- the talks page and overall focus on only the essential info

Rupert Jones at 16:18 on 12 Dec 2016

Great seeing the outcome of CP as a remote dev in practical gains / means.