Large scale portfolio planning


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As always Brando is a great bet: fun is warranted, risk is part of the game.
This time the result was not amazing: the purpose was unclear, there were no clear solutions to better address similar challenges nor conclusions/hints to avoid to fall into this.
The workshop was funny but a bit to noisy: few more rules (as already pointed out by Brando during the workshop - like giving a max for the effort) an explanation at the beginning (the context, the final purpose, etc) and a conclusion will make it very very nice.
Thanks for it!

One hour and half is probably too little to this kind of workshop. Alberto e Fabio did their best, and the game we played is a great way to think about planning, but we need to fix some issues.
We need a way to let the team leaders find an acceptable way to estimate stories provided by Product Owners (e.g. provide to each team a "1 point story" to use as unit measure); we (team leaders) almost provided random numbers to them.
Then reduce the scope: 8 dev teams was too much.

After that, I had fun playing my role; hope I can attend to another workshop like this another time :)

Anonymous at 14:22 on 10 Nov 2015


Quite a few things emerged during the workshop, and I especially agree with "we could have done a better job clarifying the context" (the context was clear when looking at ALL the project cards, but we overlooked the fact that participants only had ONE).

Another thing that made the workshop deviate from the plan was the question firestorm that was triggered by the activity.
Our plan was to highlight the key takeaways on the flipchart, to provide some visual anchoring. The execution was a barrier of people between me and the flipchart.

I wrote a more structured summary of the workshop takeaways (around 20 pages). We'll send it to workshop participants, ping me if you're in a hurry.

Confermo il commento di Simone Longoni: grande Brando ma workshop migliorabile.