Lo Sprint Planning


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Giulio is always a pleasure to be listened.
Great visual introduction to Scrum but probably out of scope as the rest of the time was not enough for all the rest (going faster/without this could have saved time for the rest).
Nice example (the different drawings) for experimenting the estimation, retro and planning.
No mentioning of Planning Phase 2.
Good example of disfunctions due to problems at Planning.

Overall a good intro to Planning, even if quite basic: I would have appreciated to have the level mentioned in the workshop explanation.

Anonymous at 08:53 on 10 Nov 2015

Workshop bello e interessante. Forse andava fatto in un aula piĆ¹ adatta, i banchi fissi non hanno aiutato.

utile e introduttivo. Purtroppo poco il tempo rispetto a quanto si doveva fare ...