Join the brightest JS event in Kyiv - JavaScript fwdays conference! Be among 900 great developers; watch three tracks of only practical talks from amazing speakers; ask questions at the Speakers’ corner; enjoy the atmosphere at the communities gathering and fun at the Afterparty.

Tickets are on sale:
5400 UAH (~ 215 USD) - 200 tickets

20% discount for regular participants
50% discount for students
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This would be for the eighth year in a row that we are holding JavaScript fwdays conf!

Speakers: Sara Vieira (CodeSandbox), Sebastien Chopin (Creator of Nuxt.js), Natalia Tepluhina (Vue.js core team), Ivan Akulov (PerfPerfPerf), Martin Splitt (Google), Chen Hui Jing, Stefan Judis (Twilio), Illya Klymov (GitLab), Alexey Raspopov (DataRobot) and other.

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