The greatest show on earth this is not — but prepared to be bedazzled with API Best Practices ranging from API design to implementation to security musts — all surrounded by horrible puns (the kind that would make any dad proud), and the type of magic you can only find at the 2nd grade talent show. There may (or may not) be juggling, sword swallowing, mind tricks, card tricks, and even a funny joke or two — but be assured you are guaranteed to learn a thing or two about RESTful APIs from the very guy who wrote a book on API design as he couldn't find a steady job as a comedian, a magician, a model, or an actor.


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Rated 4

Ian Littman at 14:20 on 22 Feb 2019

Start was a bit rough, but the magical flourishes were fun, and content was solid.

Nitpicks: full-screen, please! Also, text was quite small (cobo of screen size and windowed view...and small text on slides on top of that).

Rated 5

Guido Faecke at 18:02 on 22 Feb 2019

Mike has to work in his magic tricks :-)
But, besides that, he made sure we don't forget the principles of API's .