GitHub's Long-distance Relationships with Robots


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Anonymous at 19:21 on 15 May 2013

Cool stuff, nice guy and all.. but.. thought it was a js conf.

Anonymous at 01:06 on 16 May 2013

Would have loved to hear more about the non-technical aspects of having a remote team instead of another hubot demo like last year's talk by @bkeepers

Good insight into how github is working and a refreshing counterpart to the in other contexts tech heavy talks.

As a fan of remote working, I appreciated how you manage long-distance relationship with Hubot. I definitely need to try it.

I totally agree with @raibaz. Manage a team remotely, have the stuff done, estimate properly, work on core thing, improve the knowledge of junior guys.

Very little to do with JS, but extremely cool!

Entertaining, well presented. Definately gave me something to think about.

I'd like to hear more about how people react to this kind of work style, the human aspect.

Definitely eye opening as to why the chat-driven dev environment works so well.

Anonymous at 21:37 on 19 May 2013

This was the talk that hit home with me, currently we are discussing using hubot in our dev cycle, and this talk really brought out the finer points into light.

The talk was entertaining and full of robot love. What is there not to love.