JS in browsers - WTF!


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Anonymous at 16:41 on 15 May 2013

Anonymous at 00:05 on 16 May 2013

Was just another "WAT"...

No really new content / rather basic level. lacking some kind of conclusion. Well presented though.

Topic already seen multiple times, nothing new. Just another JS WTF.

Just a funny and ironic break but not very original, I honestly didn't learn anything from it.

Entertaining examples as such, but not really that much new stuff. A well organized talk, but it was too prepared and the interaction between the speakers was not natural.

The conference was not bad, slide-to-slide it was becoming more complex without reaching the objective. I'll suggest to give part of the conclusion slide to the beginning, as in truth it was really interesting if you consider to use HTML locally as an application, and keep in a sandbox all this job.
And yes, show the application dunning, make a demo if the talk is not organized to be architectural or abstract, cheers

All in all, this could have been a very interesting topic. I mean, rewriting IE in Java is a crazy idea that I'd love to hear about more.

But unfortunately the talk was kind of underwhelming. The conversational talks with questions and answers between two presentators get annoying really quickly.

The first 10 minutes of JavaScript WTF are certainly entertaining to non-JS devs, but not to JS devs. We've been there too and stopped thinking that it's fun a long time ago ;)

Towards the end, there were some things that I didn't know, taken that I never do such things, e.g. scoping of usage of eval in a setTimout and some of the purely HTML related problems.

This being said: I hope to hear that talk about that crazy idea of rewriting a browser in Java.

Javascript is one of the "worst" programming language (in fact it isn't at all) we know... but if we attend the JSday we don't want to hear some "stupid" examples seen and seen lot of times ;)