The anatomy of an infographic


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Very interesting, but the presentation was a little slow to me..

Anonymous at 19:10 on 15 May 2013

Anonymous at 19:22 on 15 May 2013

Interesting, but live coding could be more prepare...

live coding could be more prepare, but the guy is very prepared ;)

Intresting introductory talk, just too slow pace during code sessions. Very good example growing.

Little bit too long coding on bar charts, details about the chart on the first slide would have been cool

Highly interesting topic and a good start of the presentation. After a while too much coding that didn't really add that much info, I would have liked more different examples instead of live coding.

Also liked the talk but would liked to have a bit more indepth vie of d3

Interesting content but IMHO after a while the live coding was slowing the presentation down too much, diluting the information delivered over time.

Interesting content.
Lack of rythm.

Probably the geo-thing was not the objective of the talk, but everything was really interesting and was giving a new perspective of how data-mining can be shown with iconography and animation. Hope to see you in the future.

Taken the title of the presentation "The anatomy of an infographic" I was expecting somewhat of a more high-level talk on how one chooses the right type of diagram convention for the right kind of data.

This being said, reading the abstract would have helped with my expectations. The talk started off pretty well and I learned a trick or two. Unfortunately, I got lost in my thoughts once the pace of live coding went down a bit.

The presentation was too slow but (IMO) above all we don't need to see, comment, change and see the results of every line of code. More focus about the latest examples (the map, the crossfilter example) could be better