BDD - how a JavaScript Dev would do it!


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Looks like an awesome tool I will definitely have a closer look at.

Anonymous at 08:47 on 14 May 2015

Great talk and good approach to testing and product development workflow.

Nice introduction to BDD and Angular, it's been very helpful!

Anonymous at 12:48 on 14 May 2015

Best presentation for now. realy good mix of knowledge and real world examples. And of course ShouldIT seems to be great tool!

Really interesting topic and nice tool also

Anonymous at 23:06 on 14 May 2015

Great talk on a very interesting topic!

Nice talk and well delivered. The "ShouldIT?" library seems also very nice.

As a real world example it gives me a good point of view on BDD and testing. BDD exists also apart from Cucumber

I didn't know ShouldIT and I loved the approach to BDD of this agnostic tool. The fact that he used in so big companies and projects it should be enough for understanding that we can try to use it as soon as possible.

Very useful presentation and good overview of the tools involved

Very interesting!