Transducers FTW!


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Giorgio Cefaro at 17:27 on 13 May 2015

Brilliant talk

Was maybe a bit too fast to follow this quite complex topic.

perhaps a little fast to fully enjoy the subjects

Anonymous at 00:44 on 14 May 2015

Too fast and too much stuff for one talk

One of those afternoon brain-frying talks. It really made you appreciate the power of functional programming and stretched you to think about he next level and how transducers work under the bonnet. I want to look at the material again to help it sync in a little bit more...

Anonymous at 22:22 on 14 May 2015

This talk required math background, so it could be a bit scary. But having that, it was fully enjoyable, really well presented, and it managed to transform a complex topic, which I could never fully grasp, into something I finally understood. Made my day.

For me this was the best talk of the conference. Massimiliano made a lot of good points, and introduced to many interesting concepts and techniques. It was very advanced and interesting, exactly the talk I was waiting from a long time. The only change I'd make is to add a sentence like "I'm explaining all this things because...". Apart from that, excellent talk.

Brilliant. Unfortunately an hour was not enough.

A brain-fucker talk, I was dying... but it's only because I'm not enough experienced about functional programming. One of the best talk I attended, it would be perfect for the next LambdaConf.

Really good overview and introduction to such an abstract topic, appreciated the live-coding Light Table bits. The part inspired by Meijer's push/pull talk felt a bit rushed and disconnected, tho, would have focused more on the whys of transducers and left that for another talk.