Testing UIs has always been a hard job.
In the components era, there are new tools and solutions available that transform completely the way we approach testing.
From snapshots, through end-to-end frameworks, to style guide testing.
In this talk, we'll see some modern (and creative) testing solutions.


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Simon Vocella at 16:49 on 10 May 2017

great talk :)

Nice presentatiom

woknap at 18:26 on 10 May 2017

Nice presentation and clear

One of the best talk today

Federico at 19:29 on 10 May 2017

One of the best talks of the day (if not the best). These are the talks and speakers we want.

agnese at 19:29 on 10 May 2017

Best talk of the day! Really inspiring

A great talk and a great speaker.

Stefano Sala at 22:26 on 10 May 2017

Interesting approach to testing

Very nice and clear presentation about Jest and some of its lesser known features. For the time available Michele did a great job with delivering a lot of information without overwhelming the audience. He also kept a friendly and funny tone which made the talk even more enjoyable. Kudos!

Paolo Rovella at 10:19 on 11 May 2017

A great talk, maybe the best of the day. I thinks it's not easy to speak about testing and he explained it very well in a funny way :)

The title/abstract suggested the talk to be more general and not focusing on a single tool; very interesting anyway.

Amazing talk!!!

Great introduction to Jest and its innovative testing techniques (snapshots and serializers).

Nikhil Verma at 20:24 on 11 May 2017

This was a great talk, short, entertaining, full of information and good points to apply. He sold Jest very well. Too bad we already use Jest ;)

Snapshot-based testing blew my mind, I want to use it everywhere from now on! Thanks!

Samu at 09:47 on 12 May 2017

Just amazing, like always! JEST ALL THE THINGS!

It's not an easy task to keep your audience interested when you are speaking about a theme this complex. There were a lot of concepts to process and remember but the speaker succeeded to keep me focused all the way to the end. Great talk and great speaking skills!

Andy Johnson at 21:56 on 12 May 2017

really interesting considerations, I'll give a try!

Enrico Bono at 00:00 on 14 May 2017

Cool talk, cool topic and very cool tool presented. Very smart presentation. Thanks for your talk.

Samuele Lilli at 19:13 on 26 May 2017

The speaker was such good that, for a little moment of one hour, I literally forgot to be a backend developer and not a frontend one :)