DDD is probably one of the most important ecosystems of the last 20 years of software engineering. Nowadays frontend applications are an important piece of software architecture. Nevertheless, Bounded Contexts, Aggregates, Anticorruption Layers are all well-known concept that somehow are often not applied when building large and complex frontend applications. The purpose of this talk is to show how some of the DDD techniques are easily applied to Frontend engineering, resulting in more robust and evolvable codebases.


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Luca Del Puppo at 16:37 on 6 Jul 2021

Great Talk!
Seeing ddd in action in a frontend application is strange, but it can open up to a new approach in the frontend world as well.
The speaker explains clear the idea and the simple examples are very effective to show the benefit of the ddd in the frontend world.

molto interessante, anzi direi quasi uno di quei talk che ti fanno svoltare :)