This month, John Kary will demonstrate a process for refactoring some basic procedural code into an object-oriented style. Then, he will refactor it again to use the Observer pattern with Symfony2's EventDispatcher component. No matter your preferred style of development, you are certain to spot something interesting.

Come join us! Learn what's new, get help from others, make friends, geek out!

I'd like to thank our new friends at Red Nova Labs for hosting us in October! They have generously offered the use of their big, open space. Just go down the stairs when you walk in the door--you can't miss it!

Our Standard Meeting Format

We love Web Development, PHP, new development techniques and everything in between. Often our meetings are a little free-formed, but for the most part fall into:

- Meet and Greet new members!
- John Kary presents his "Last Month in PHP" - Some highlights of new happenings in the PHP Universe
- Members bring forward issues, concerns or other things of interest

All Developers Welcome!

We understand that many PHP Developers don't just code in PHP. Whether you are working in a framework like Symfony, Zend Framework, Slim, FuelPHP or a CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla our goal is that you will find something new, relevant and useful.

We are also happy to have presentations or even code reviews if appropriate. If you are interested in giving either, just let us know!