Talk comments

Joshua Trimm at 15:18 on 20 Jun 2018

Great talk and great people! Cookies were great!

John Kary at 16:48 on 7 Jun 2018

This was my first exposure to CSS Grid and IntersectionObserver. I learned a lot of new CSS terms and finally see how those scrolly-sites with sticky navigation are made.

Jesse did a great job pacing himself and covering the intricate details with visual examples and code. It was obvious he did a lot of preparation both in the slides and knowing the material. His mastery of the subject was high and he handled questions with ease.

This talk would be well received at any web development conference!

Eric Poe at 10:18 on 7 Jun 2018

This introduced two new concepts to me: the grid layout in CSS and the IntersectionObserver API in JS. I think that both concepts would benefit from being fleshed out into their own talks. A lot of the front-end terminology went over my head and it took me a while to catch up, but once I had a better idea about what the words meant, the concepts of the talk made more sense.

I would like to see the concepts introduced slowly and each concept build or improve upon the previous concept.

My "woah" moment was when Jesse demonstrated , he increased the zoom so that all in the room could see it, and the layout didn't get wonky from the zoom.

Both of these talks, once they are further fleshed out, would make good conference talks.

Well done!