Talk comments

Dan did a fantastic job covering the full range of day-to-day debugging options for developers. I really like how he started simple with echo/var_dump and made it to XDebug for step debugging. I even learned about a few new libraries that don't require a framework. The only thing he could have touched on was debugging PHP itself when it crashes. Seriously, everything else was covered!

Anonymous at 16:53 on 5 Apr 2015

I really enjoyed this talk summarizing some of the new major features in PHP 7. Your delivery was calm and collected. You also did great to handle questions and some impromptu live coding to accommodate questions.

Very interesting presentation. I really appreciated the brief overview of some of what PHP 7 will be bringing this year and look forward to using it.

I am looking forward to profiling my symfony2 project. While I'd seen before, that was the extent of my familiararity with it. John showed us how simple it was to set it up and then work through the reports.

Dan did an excellent job with the presentation - thank you! He explained everything well. I wasn't previously aware of the difference between the print_r and var_dump functions, but the details on both cleared that up for me.

PHP 7 is still months away, yet I feel a little more prepared. Good uses of examples for sure. Additional kudos for having a VM ready to go, as you could do live demos of questions and actually know the outcome. (For example, our checking type of var_dump(3/3))

I'd love to see you do more features talks for sure.

I can't wait to try this out! Great demo talk--well prepared in that he had a custom sandbox app and some previous runs ready to go. Good flow and pace. Also, the use of the "robo-phone" as an excuse to wake everyone up with a piece of "The Wall" was brilliant! I totally think we should all line up a track-snippet before ALL of our talks...ala Royals coming out to bat!

John has an easy-going delivery that makes everything he describes approachable. This talk on was no exception. John had a complex application already spun up to demonstrate the benefits of using to supplement one's development process.

Well done. Dan started with the basics of print_r and var_dump and worked our way through xdebug and phpunit, 3rd party toolbars and services, and showed us psysh and other tools to make figuring out what is going on behind the scenes a little easier when things go wrong or go not quite as expected.

I learned a few new things that I will need to revisit his slides to explore further.