The evening meetup for the Kansas City PHP User Group. Join us to meet new people, discuss PHP, and learn something new!

Wednesday 1st March 2017

18:00 Last Month in PHP
Talk by Eric Poe (15 minutes)

An overview of the latest news and interesting developments across PHP: new language features, RFCs, community news, upcoming conferences and the latest versions of popular frameworks and platforms.

18:30 Using Liquibase & Symfony CLI to manage, migrate, & seed a mature database
Talk by David Stanley (1 hour)

When starting with a clean slate, database migrations and seed files (regardless of your chosen platform) are a pretty easy thing to work with. Need a new table? Create a migration. Need some seed data? Make a new class. The dirty little secret that no one talks about is this - as the database becomes more complex through normalization and relationships, generating good seed data becomes much harder. In this talk, I'll discuss how Help Scout uses Liquibase and a Symfony Console application to manage a mature and highly normalized transactional database.