Talk comments

Joseph did a good job covering a AWS and how to configure it. The most valuable part was likely the starter code he offered on his GitHub account. I liked seeing the different options in the JSON file and that it had a visual editor and his opinions on it, however it did feel a little dry, mostly focused on exactly what each section did rather than his expertise from extensively using the service. Talking about benefits of "the cloud" to a room of developers felt too basic and I'd suggest cutting it for future versions. Thank you for your effort to talk about an otherwise complex topic!

Eric covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time! My favorite part was the overview of RFC's and new features coming to PHP 7.1. I don't follow new development that closely and I'm very thankful someone like Eric, whose obvious passion for covering this subject, can put together a high-level overview to share!

Jesse Maxwell at 09:43 on 9 Sep 2016

I felt this was a great overview of the cloud formation templates. The presentation was great and the by the end of the talk I think I have a good idea of what it would be like to set up a cloud formation template.

Explaining a complex JSON file is a tough job, and Joseph did a great job at explaining its parts and answering questions from the audience about it. This talk engendered much discussion during and after.

Joseph Maxwell at 16:08 on 8 Sep 2016

Great job, thank you.