Talk comments

John Kary at 11:26 on 6 Sep 2018

I learned something from each slide in this presentation! It was a great mix of nuance applicable to all developer levels.

There was significant effort put into the code examples but I didn't have enough time to read them. The code examples are familiar to us speakers because we wrote them, but take more time for the audience to read and find the demonstrated point. That also makes the presentation a little longer with less pressure to pack more in.

If this were fleshed out into a 50-minute conference talk, consider weaving in study tactics tailored to programming. Use what your husband knows as a teacher and craft those ideas to a developer audience. That insight gives you a unique perspective above anyone else giving this talk (i.e. more likely to be accepted to speak!) You could focus on not only the tactics themselves but perhaps the scientific studies or books read by teachers. Programmers always want to know, "But why?" :)

Eric J Gruber at 07:10 on 6 Sep 2018

I have recently started toying with the idea of pursuing the same certification, and even purchased the same book that Lisa spoke about. Like her, I also found there were some things mentioned in the book that I had idea you could do in PHP.

I enjoyed the talk, and thought it was well-informed. Thanks for speaking, Lisa!

Eric J Gruber at 07:09 on 6 Sep 2018

Very informative overview of everything happing lately in the PHP world. Thanks for speaking!

Eric Poe at 01:00 on 6 Sep 2018

John points out the obvious updates, but then dives deep into some of the undocumented features that are exposed from a tweet somewhere or a conversation elsewhere. Now I really want to upgrade our PHPUnit from 7.1 to 7.3 just for the test caching alone!

Eric Poe at 00:58 on 6 Sep 2018

Each slide was a surprise about minutiae of PHP that can have a huge impact on the code I write daily. This was a pretty good talk and I would love to see it evolve into a conference talk.